FREE SHIPPING on all 2.5g Jugs and Biofeeders™

FREE SHIPPING on all 2.5g Jugs and Biofeeders™

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Customer Reviews

These folks are truly walking the walk. I came across Garrett Stuart a while back on social media and I am 100% confident that this man knows his stuff! They are not only creating earth-friendly alternatives to harmful lawn chemicals, but they are actively and effectively educating people on the major environmental issues we are all facing. I am so impressed! You are in good hands with Greener Solutions!

E. Baker

This organization is going above and beyond! You hear a lot of talk and sales pitches from most organizations but Greener Solutions is all about ACTION!! They employ HERO’s. In every department, they are WORKING…they are beating the streets and proving what they are about!! I am so blessed to be a witness to this greatness!! I am learning and able to help spread the word and education thru their employees and videos. I have 2 kids and 3 kid brothers just at home that are learning. They are learning more than just recycling all because of this blessed organization!! I try to do my part and spread the love that these HERO’s are handing out…I pray everyone do the same! HUGE THANK YOU to Greener Solutions!! Love you all dearly!!

L. Cheri

Making a difference for our waterways and oceans…this is the way of the future!

T. Bunk

These are great products which are much better for the environment than conventionally utilized products. Having Garrett Stuart, aka Captain Planet, as their spokesman, further underscores their products are environmentally friendly, as he wouldn’t put his name behind anything that wasn’t.

J. Arman

Never have I seen such an amazing team promoting healthy alternatives for vegetation that actually have results! Been following Captain Planet around for some time now and if he recommends it then I don’t see how any other solution would be better than Greener Solutions!

TJ Philbrick

Wow! That is the response I have gotten from my clients. I own my own lawn care company and decided to give the products a try myself before offering them to my clients. Six weeks later I was amazed at the difference in my lawns color, thickness and how my thinning spots had even filled in. Greener Solutions really took the time to get everything right. And throw in the fact that it’s helping our environment and the lake properties I do aren’t being polluted…. truly impressed!

R. Godby

Greener Solutions Sustainability Matters

We deliver organic based products that solve a variety of issues associated with the soil, agricultural, horticultural and aquatic wholesale market in order to create a healthier environment, increase crop yields, and build a greater tomorrow.

Forward thinking, defined by new technology, keeps Greener Solutions strides ahead of the competition.  Cleaning Florida’s waterways, stand-alone lakes, and polluted soils require sophisticated solutions that only Greener Solutions has to offer.  We can change for the better, and we will rebuild our natural environment, one Greener Solution at a time.

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