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Automate Fertilization

Biofeeder™ Starter Pack

BioFeeder™ S-Series is an easy to install, AFFORDABLE, and easy to use top-quality fertigation system! Available in 2 & 5 Gallon.
As Seen on Fox and Friends with Skip Bedell!


Multi-purpose Bio-Fertilizer

Multi-purpose liquid fertilizer with ACT® that promotes balanced leaf, stem and root growth of all flowers, gardens, plants, trees and turf.


For Warm and Cool Season Grasses

Concentrated liquid fertilizer blend with ACT® in a solution of nitrogen & potassium that promotes vigorous leaf, stem and root growth.


Soil & Plant Management System

Delivers a powerful combination of nutrients which work to strengthen plant growth and promotes aerobic microbial activity below ground.


Flowers & Seed Starter

Bloom-promoting high phosphate liquid fertilizer with ACT®

Greener Solutions Sustainability Matters

We deliver organic based products that solve a variety of issues associated with the soil, agricultural, horticultural and aquatic wholesale market in order to create a healthier environment, increase crop yields, and build a greater tomorrow.

Forward thinking, defined by new technology, keeps Greener Solutions strides ahead of the competition.  Cleaning Florida’s waterways, stand-alone lakes, and polluted soils require sophisticated solutions that only Greener Solutions has to offer.  We can change for the better, and we will rebuild our natural environment, one Greener Solution at a time.

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